Our History

Omega ATS began operations on December 6, 2007, and became the second Canadian ATS to provide traders with an alternative venue for executions.

Omega ATS has been focused on providing an marketplace that is innovative, independent and designed for the Canadian Marketplace.

Omega has always strived to have the fastest matching engine.  To better serve members of the Canadian investment industry, Omega underwent a full hardware and software upgrade in May 2010, which saw our marketplace become one of the fastest matching venues in Canada.

Through the years, Omega has continually provided value to our subscribers through a combination of industry leading pricing and innovative products and Omega has been rewarded with increases in its market share.  Not only does Omega offer a low price to add liquidity, Omega is currently, the only market place that offers an inverted pricing model, where takers of liquidity can do so for FREE


  • August 2007: Omega announces launch
  • December 2007: Omega launches
  • March 2008: Omega surpasses 1 million shares traded
  • May 2008: Omega offers greater connectivity, more liquidity and faster trades
  • February 2009: Omega obtains it’s official independance
  • May 2009: Omega announces flat fee pricing model
  • June 2010: Omega launches faster system
  • December 2010 Omega starts trading fixed income instruments
  • March 2011: Omega eliminates subscribers fee
  • July 2011: Volumes traded on Omega raise 11% between Q1 and Q2
  • November 11: Omega introduces inverted pricing model for all equities


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