Lynx ATS Pricing

Current Pricing Schedule

Lynx ATS Pricing for TSX/Venture and CSE listed securities 

Description Passive Active
TSX/Venture, CSE, ETF Securities $0.000/share $0.0002/share
Monthly remove cap of 25 million shares
Unintentional Crosses $0.00

All other trades will be:

Description Passive Active
Odd Lot $0.001 $0.001
Listed Fixed Income -$0.085/$1000 FV $0.095/$1000 FV
Unlisted Fixed Income $0.00/$1000 FV $0.05/$1000 FV
Crosses $0.00 $0.00


Subscriber Fee: Free
Order Entry Session: Free
Drop Copy Session:Fre
Market Data Fee: Free

NEW Lynx ATS pricing effective December 1st Lynx Price Change Announcement Dec 2019


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